Stay Calm

by Open Kimono

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released November 8, 2016


All songs by Pierre de Gaillande
Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, drum programming, percussion, bells, trumpet, synths, samples, piano, and vocals by Pierre de Gaillande
Additional engineering and mixing by Devin Greenwood at the Honey Jar, Brooklyn
Mastered by Rachel Alina
Album artwork by Peter Kellers

Additional musicians:
Christian Bongers - Bass on Note For Note
Fred Cassidy – Piano on Touch the Snow
Dorit Chrysler – Theremin on Top of the Food Chain and Lepidoptera
Hilary Downes – Vocals on Top of the Food Chain and Eat What You Kill
Devin Greenwood - Glockenspiel and cymbals on Follow the Drone and Dead Duck. Background vocals, casio keyboard, tambourine and sleigh bells on Follow The Drone.
Bass on Dead Duck. Hand claps on Two by Two and Follow the Drone.
Frank Heer – Harmonica on Top of the Food Chain
Quentin Jennings – Clavichord on Top of the Food Chain
Dan Menke – Drums on You Wear It Well, Threebase, and Touch the Snow, On Porpoise
Gerald Menke – Pedal Steel on Stay Calm
Jeff Schaeffer – Drums on Two by Two, Note For Note, Follow the Drone
David Spinley – Clarinet on Touch the Snow
Ken Thomson – Baritone saxophone on NRA-hole, Pull Ups, Threedom,
Autopsy of a Dead Duck, On Porpoise



all rights reserved


Open Kimono New York, New York

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Track Name: Stay Calm
Gotta stay calm, try not to freak
No one’s doing you harm, gotta keep it in perspective

Gotta take down the heat, try to be cool
The word on the street is you’re overreactive

I know the pressure’s on
I seen the atom bomb
I’ve seen the Bible belt
The product that it sells
They pushing tv news to fit your fear into
A tiny little hole to buy and sell your soul

They’re turning all the groovy ladies and all the funky dudes
Into a pack of killer robots who are wired for the rules

I know the spirit’s gone
I’ve seen the honky tonks
Turned into parking lots
Outside the supermart
Selling repackaged art
Designed to sterilize
I’ve seen the glassy eyes
of all the girls and guys
Sitting side by side
Their faces in the screens
As if they’d never seen
How sexy life can be
When you reach out and dream

Man have you seen the way they drive like they just cannot wait to die
Like they’re inflicting suicide on every man woman and child
And what’s with all the racket, my nerves can barely hack it
If there’s a code to staying mellow kid I need to crack it
That’s just the circus on the streets, the beauty’s buried deep
So just try not to freak
Just stand up straight and breathe

Gotta stay calm, try not to freak
No one’s doing you harm, gotta keep it in perspective
Track Name: Two By Two
We’re barely even three feet tall
But the planet earth is a big ball
We wanna bounce
And dance around
Just waking up is so much fun
One hug and kiss for everyone
So many friends
Real and pretend
Hey looking glass what do you see
I see you looking back at me
Laughing or crying
Always on time

Isn’t it great
There’s two of us
Someone who knows me
Someone I trust
You’re always there
We’re always two
Everything’s better when it’s with you
I can count two by two

Did you see us on the jungle gym
Like a monkey with a funny grin
Running around
Till we fall down
But we always get back up again
There’s a million things to understand
So much to do
When we are two
Cause we’re barely even thirty pounds
But the planet earth is big and round
We wanna bounce
And dance around it
Two by two
Track Name: NRA-hole
I knew a lot of tough guys when I was growing up
Men who knew how to work hard and how to have some fun
They knew their place in the big world and knew their wrong from right
But not a single one would dare bring guns into a fight

Respect was treasured above all and didn’t involve violence
A show of strength meant doing what you had to do to in silence
And knowing how to walk away was just as good as fighting
And guns were only for the weak or criminally minded

These guys would rather take a bullet than to shoot someone
They knew that we are all connected underneath the sun
And to resort to weaponry to make you feel secure
Is giving up the part of you that makes you real and pure

Ladies know
Gentlemen know
So can we go?
Can we go to the future now?

The so-called tough guys of today are all just little boys
They play war in the shadows and they hide behind their toys
I know it’s hard to grow up and to put away your guns
But don’t be scared we’re all connected underneath the sun
Track Name: Follow the Drone
Follow the drone over the mountaintops
Through all the zones, the lovers and the cops

Follow the gently humming helicopter blades
The futuristic spying watching bombing robot plane

Out past the cities, the innocent abodes
Over the green hills, away from all the roads

There’s no one piloting this ship
It won’t stop ill it’s drained of all its power

I’ve seen it all before
And I will see it all again
But the land is so quiet
Only from this perfect height

See all the people doing, doing what they do best
Loving laughing hating killing and the rest
See humans showing their humanity to one another
See brother lend a helping hand to harm another brother

Follow the drone…
Track Name: Top of the Food Chain
Top of the food chain learning the best way to fly
Bucking the penchant for self destruction
Dropping your weapons
Floating away
Into the sunshine
Track Name: You Wear It Well
Just pull em up
I know you can do it
You’re a big boy
There’ s nothing to it
Just pull em down
Right to your shoes
All the way down
Like the grownups do
Just pull em up
Over the crack
Like a big boy
To your lower back
Just roll em down
I know they reach
Right past your calves
Almost to your feet
Look at you now
You’re good to go
Just like a grown up
Wearing your clothes
You wear it well
Like grownups do
All by yourself

Just pull em up
And push em down
Track Name: Touch the Snow
I’m not putting on mittens
I’m not wearing my hat
I won’t put on my jacket
I’m not wearing my boots
I won’t put on my scarf
I’m not wearing any pants
You can’t make me get dressed
Ill fall on the floor and scream
Ill act like I’m possessed
Even though I don’t know what that means

I want to go outside
I want to touch the snow
I want to go outside
I want to touch the snow
I want to go outside
Come on come on let’s go
I want to go outside and touch the snow

Help me put on my mittens
Help me zip up my coat
I need to put on my hat
I want to go outside and touch the snow
Track Name: Threedom
Totally free
Born under arches of triumph and light
Into the ocean, into the night
Totally free to fail or succeed
Totally free to embrace love and greed
Totally free, totally lost
Building a base, becoming a ghost
Track Name: Eat What You Kill
My mama said you should eat what you take
and if you don’t need it then give it away
My papa said you should eat what you kill
and if you don’t want it then let it live
The big man steals his apple pie
and and then chucks it in the bucket after just one bite
It’s like giving the finger to the appetite
of the rest of the guests at dinner time

Get off your high horse
Get on your llama
Think for yourself
cause I don’t wanna (eat what you kill)

Time’s running out it’s getting late,
We’re not gonna make it at this rate
We’re shoving creation into our face
leaving behind a world of waste

My llama said you should eat what you kill
Track Name: Autopsy of a Dead Duck
All of my comforts were bathed in ice
I couldn’t feel my poor heart
Face in the mirror was some other guy’s
And man, he was falling apart
Don’t go shopping for a new life
Turn a sharp eye on the one you’ve got

My feast of pleasures was a dead duck
The situation was drastic
My fortune cookie said “Don’t give up!”
But all I could eat was the plastic
Don’t go shopping for a new life
Take a sharp knife to the one you’ve got
Fly baby fly
Try baby try

I took my turn on the chopping block
Trying to dig up the matter
“What’s wrong with my wings?” I asked the doc
He replied “They’ve been sewn on backwards.”
Don’t go shopping for a new life
Turn a sharp eye
Take a step and fly baby fly baby
Try baby try baby
Fly baby fly baby